It is important you know when you place your order with us, that you are in safe hands and that everything will be handled and treated the way it should be.  

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Food Standards Agency

Handling food

How food is stored

How food is prepared

Cleanliness of facilities

How food safety is managed


Food Safety & Hygiene

Level 2 in Food Safety & Hygiene

An introduction to food safety and hygiene

The impact of food-borne illness

Understanding food law

Food safety hazards and contamination

Food preservation, storage, and temperature control

The symptoms of COVID-19

How to prevent COVID-19

Social distancing, self-isolation and shielding

Best practices for the workplace


Food Allergy Awareness

Understanding what both a food allergy and intolerance are

Learning to recognise the symptoms of an allergic reaction

Knowing which ingredients could cause allergies

Understanding what allergy information is required on pre-packed food labels

Understanding what to consider to keep consumers safe


Nationwide Caterers Association

COVID- 19 Certificate

Being a member of NCASS ensures Cuisine Supreme stays on the right track providing Regulatory advice, financial guidance, and even marketing support.

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