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I’m Jennifer Beckford; the Founder and MD of Cuisine Supreme. My specialty is to create unique cakes for your special occasions that bring a smile to your face and make your taste buds do a joyful dance. Many customers refer to my cakes as tasty and memorable.

My Inspiration

How did Cuisine Supreme become what it is today? 


I’m often asked about my journey and I realised that it was inspired by my beautiful mother’s love for baking and cooking. Flavour and love adorned my childhood.  


The richest memories are from when family members tied the knot. Back in those days, we were not privy to using wedding planners. The women got stuck in and did all the planning and prepping.


You may remember there was only one table. The Head table. And seated at that table would be the bride and groom, best man, in-laws, chief bridesmaid, and bridesmaids. My mum was the one in the kitchen cooking for the event, setting up the head table, and generally making sure everyone was on track.


The wedding cake (rum cake of course) was the centrepiece, surrounded by glasses with napkins or any other fancy napkin fold ideas that the more senior ladies had carried with them from Jamaica. Ready for the toast and cake cutting. 


Crystal-looking decanters were filled with wine. And decorated with small glasses that had delicately been placed around them. Along with flowers and foil-covered grapefruits with pineapple, cherries, and cheese cubes. And maybe a few bowls of nuts, crisps, and sweets. 


The wedding guests would be seated in a hall (not around tables), usually, a church hall. Or, if the bride and groom could not afford to pay for a hall, they would use a family or friends living room. This would become a downscale setup of the hall so that everything would fit, including the few wedding guests.


The rich scenes full of love, excitement, full of dreams and hopes for the future. are what I treasure and still carry with me to this day. 


Cuisine Supreme cakes are not only infused with the distinctive delicate flavours of Wray & Nephew Rum but the rich experiences that flow through me of the many wonderful events I remember attending as a child. 


With that said it is my absolute pleasure to ensure that your experience is one that is unique and memorable. I feel blessed to be able to share with you the exquisite flavours of the Caribbean in our cakes. 


​I gain great pleasure in baking traditional cakes which are homemade and suitable for all occasions. So we would be delighted to create for you something special for that event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, christening, and all religious celebrations including funerals and award ceremonies. 


Our aim at Cuisine Supreme is to help bring your loved ones together, making memories that will carry on for generations to come.