Hello, I’m Jennifer Beckford, and I am the Founder and MD of Cuisine Supreme. I specialise in creating unique cakes and catering for various occasions. My unique, memorable, tasty cakes brings smiles to faces, and the hmm to your taste buds.

My Inspiration


My love of baking and cooking stems from my beautiful mother Evelina who passed away in 2001.  As a child, I always remember my mother baking or cooking. In the 60's when family members decided to tie the knot, she would be the one in the kitchen cooking for the event or setting the head table with napkins in the glasses and dressing the grapefruits covered in foil with pineapple, cherries and cheese cubes.


I was always in awe of her creativity and how far she could make the pennies stretch. Her simple but tasty wholesome meals always hit the spot regardless of how much was spent. She would often tell me to watch what she was doing or get me involved by telling me to stir this or to add a little seasoning here and there.


When I left school, I attended evening classes in cake decorating and made my very first wedding cake aged 16.


Why you should choose Cuisine Supreme


In 2009 I took the opportunity to do what I love- baking and catering and I set up Cuisine Supreme to turn my hobby into a career. I have completed a City and Guilds course in Preparing to Teach and obtained a Diploma. In 2012, I achieved City and Guilds level 2 in catering.


Although I am no longer cooking the food industry is ever-evolving as well as the cake industry, and to keep up I continue to invest in myself by having lessons in the latest cake decorating techniques.

All of my new ideas come straight from my mind to the cake, so development happens in action. I know this is a bit unusual for some so I feel blessed to have this talent.


For me, cake brings people together whether it is for a wedding, birthday or christenings. Baking makes me happy and I am sure my creations will make you happy too!



This one’s for you mum.



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